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PD2F Sjoerd , IJlst JO23TA

I have a license from 16-11-2015, I got it via TeamSpeak at the Electronica Club Zuid Hollandse Eilanden from Wim Koppelaar.
Tried it before but did not succeed, thanks to Wim.

Silent key juni 2017  PA3BRP Wim Koppelaar

In 2015 I poured a slab of concrete with a mast leg on top, this could hold my 2 x 5 meter tube mast. Then I did not have to go on the roof anymore. Here I had put in my 11 meter antenna the Diamond X 3000, later I was allowed by Willem PE1PZD and Co the PD5Co to try a Deltaloop antenna, a huge antenna but in the air you see nothing of it.The neighbors did not like this and sent Enforcement on me that meant 5 years of misery with the municipality and so end of the tube mast. To get a permit to install the mast you have to spend almost 900 euros and you are not even sure that you will get that permit. I would not have been prepared to pay that for such a simple and cheap mast.