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PD2F Sjoerd , IJlst JO23TA

My Rig


March 2020

In March 2020 the Icom -9700 was picked up at Handelsonderneming Feenstra, ordered from him and picked up at a radio fair in Het Harde. There I also met PD3F Frank from Wezep. This radio can reach 2 meters and 70 cm and the 23 cm band in all modes. a complete radio I really enjoy.


December 2020

For my birthday I got the IC-7300 at in December 2020, the Kenwood had had its best days and now I have a very nice set for the HF.

The antennas

Alan 1530 LN

Juli 2019


Juni 2017

Diamond X3000


The Al-1 is purchased from Vandijkenelektronica and is excellent for use from 0 to 30 MHz. The Alan1530LN is from Welbrook Communications in England and is the best antenna you can have for listening on the HF from 0 to 30 MHz.  The Diamond X3000 VHF/UHF, the Endfed is used for 20 and 40 MHz. TX