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PD2F Sjoerd , IJlst JO23TA


A long time ago I came regularly to Rinnie in Oudega W, this man also did SSTV and I liked that very much. Now I also have a license and am busy every day with SlowScanTV. But to make this hobby even more fun, the use of the Internet is a must. Each picture you receive goes with an FTP program directly to a server on the Internet, and on a created website you put the url of the last received picture.

Now we did that for years at Ziggo on a free web space, free can also be done at but that is very slow. Ziggo stopped with the free web space and I have asked some amateurs what we would do, and so arose the cost we share with all and the server is nice and fast

I have been making websites with Joomla for over 20 years and have reasonable experience with html and css so little effort and a lot of fun.